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New Year, NEW YOU!

So.  what are you waiting for?

I’m here.  Where are you?

Dr. J

Upcoming Holidays!

Holiday Party 4

Tis’ the season to prepare for the upcoming Holidays and New Year!

 It’s not too late to be ready for those Holiday Parties!

The Piatek Institute will be open the day after Thanksgiving & also after Christmas to help you keep things on track.

 Since the end of the year is coming, its time for the Health Flex, H.S.A.  & Insurance Benefit cards to be reset or reloaded for upcoming 2014 service year.

In case that you may not have known, we do accept the above Health Credit & Debit accounts.

Just make sure that you request a detailed itemized bill for their records.

If you have an account that needs its initial use, to be depleted or exhausted before the next year, its time to use it before you lose it!

We can assist by applying those remaining balances to an appointment, or even towards a savings plan.

Simply call, or schedule your next appointment and let the office know, that you would like to utilize your remaining account balances towards services.

Dr. Jay Piatek

Out of State Patient Policies.

If you have been absent from the program or have a friend or loved one that has wanted to see Dr. Piatek, but currently resides outside the State of Indiana.

Please contact our office at (317) 243-3000 for the updated Out-Of-State Policies and ask what options that we may be able to help with scheduling an appointment.











Summer is Here! Dr. Piatek wants to see you!


Summer is Here!

Has it been a while since you have been in the office to see Dr. Piatek?

 Have you hit your goal?   Are you ready for the beach or pool?

Dr. Piatek wants to see you!

All of us at the Piatek Institute want to help you look and feel great this Summer!

To help you look great, we are offering our


Our SUMMER SPECIAL is good for 1/2 OFF your return appointment / visit fee and applies to in-house phone, office or email appointments. (Patients using RX out will receive equivalent discount value of a RX in max value of $37.50 off  appt.  fee).  (Patients returning after a year or longer will receive a discount value of $75.00 off appt. fee)

So . . . come on back and get ready for the Summer! 

(This offer is good for patients who have been absent more than two months and does not include the cost of medication).

Patients residing outside the State of Indiana must be treated in person, in our office to have prescriptions dispensed.

Offer Expires August 31th, 2013

Renovation Status Update

We are nearing the end of the renovations. The drywall repairs, repainting and new moldings are complete.

There is just the new flooring and a little finish work, and then we will be better than ever!

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient during this renovation process.

The Piatek Institute Staff.

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