Testosterone Optimization

As we get older, we start losing metabolic rate, primarily because we lose our anabolic hormones, which are growth hormone and testosterone. Although many women believe testosterone is only a male hormone, it actually exists in both genders. Healthy teen boys generally have a level of 1200, and healthy teen girls normally have a level of 100. At these levels, it acts to inhibit belly fat, so healthy young people are lean and strong. Over time the level declines, and it can be seen in lower libido, lower energy, depression, and increased belly fat.


Among the reasons for the decline are menopause, chronic illnesses or pain, and lack of sleep. To counter the effect of this, we check testosterone levels in each patient, and then give the appropriate amount into optimize the level for that person. Along with a reduction of belly fat, this can result in less depression, less risk of diabetes, and some muscle growth. We offer this in skin creams and injections, so it is safe and easy to accept, and we continue to check the level to ensure we are staying at the optimal level. This treatment is relatively inexpensive, and can have very positive effects on both mental and physical well-being.


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