Summer is Here! Dr. Piatek wants to see you!


Summer is Here!

Has it been a while since you have been in the office to see Dr. Piatek?

 Have you hit your goal?   Are you ready for the beach or pool?

Dr. Piatek wants to see you!

All of us at the Piatek Institute want to help you look and feel great this Summer!

To help you look great, we are offering our


Our SUMMER SPECIAL is good for 1/2 OFF your return appointment / visit fee and applies to in-house phone, office or email appointments. (Patients using RX out will receive equivalent discount value of a RX in max value of $37.50 off  appt.  fee).  (Patients returning after a year or longer will receive a discount value of $75.00 off appt. fee)

So . . . come on back and get ready for the Summer! 

(This offer is good for patients who have been absent more than two months and does not include the cost of medication).

Patients residing outside the State of Indiana must be treated in person, in our office to have prescriptions dispensed.

Offer Expires August 31th, 2013

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