Vitamins have become an essential part of weight management in the program, not only to prevent the vitamin deficiency associated with obesity and weight loss, but also to bolster metabolism, a key factor in weight loss. The human body relies on complex chemical reactions to keep all processes running at an optimum level. Working as coenzymes, vitamins are the catalysts that propel these chemical reactions. They actually regulate and support the metabolic process. Vitamin deficiencies, then, correlate with obesity because they are necessary for the metabolism of macronutrients like carbohydrates and proteins. Even more, vitamins are vital for the growth and repair of the body; strong bones, healthy skin, eyesight, blood clotting, thinking ability – nearly every aspect of our health. But the body cannot make many of these vitamins itself; although some are stored (such as fat-soluble vitamins), others (like water-soluble vitamins) must constantly be replenished.


Dr Piatek has recommended vitamins available for purchase online. You can be sure that these are approved by him and are the correct ones for your personal treatment.

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